Crystallographic, Cryo-EM, and Model Refinement

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Evaluate backbone quality of a protein structure

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Ramachandran distributions

Amino acid sequence to Rama Maps
Amino acid sequence to Rama Basin Propensities (4 basins)
Amino acid sequence to Rama Basin Propensities (6 basins)
Rama to amino acid sequence
Rama distribution from PDB ID or PDB file

TerItFix: Folding Pathways and Tertiary structure prediction

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DUCK-BP: Perform docking and evaluation of docking set

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Estimating the Loss of Conformational Entropy upon Folding

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Unfolded State

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Statistical potentials

Burial Potential

DCMorph: Structure A to Structure B using DC and other movesets

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PDT_Print: Calculate energy along a trajectory

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HyPred: Predicts the solvent density in a protein's hydration layer

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WAXS: Calculates the WAXS pattern of a protein given its atomic coordinates

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Homology-free ubiquitin folding trajectories

R1 tarball
R2 tarball
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